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Why Investing in Paper or How to Stand out from Other Companies ?

Nowadays, where everything is digital, we often forget the value of printed paper. The majority of our daily actions are executed through electronics which is why today’s companies can stand out with printed material.

Here’s how:
When you want to emphasize the brand image of your company, it is important to use multiple communication channels.  This helps immersing the imagination of the customer with your product.  One of these channels can be a printed promotional piece.  For example, a client may have seen one of your ads on television and subsequently receive a door hanger at home. In such situations, there are more chances for the costumer to recognize your business.

When a client picks up one of your printed pieces in his hands, his attention is directed to your business.  A beautiful printed stationery or a quality piece confines the attention, and can make a difference between keeping it around because it is visually pleasant or deleting an email before reading it.

By providing a beautiful printed piece to your customers, you sustain the perception of credibility of your business.  For example, putting a contract in a classy corporate folder or give remarkable paper documentation about your company can send a serious and reliable business signal to your customer.

Today the only things we receive through conventional mail are bills and credit applications.  Nothing of real importance!  By sending a card or a welcome letter to new customers and clients, you will strengthen the idea of importance to being your customer.

Overall, printed paper supports the image that you want to project, and a beautiful print quality can make the difference you are looking for.

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